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If you have a disc herniation and are looking for help without invasive drugs, injections or surgery then you are reading something you will want to continue.


We have been treating San Deigns for the past 16 years and have performed over 25,000 treatments helping thousands of patients avoid surgery. The best disc herniation treatment in San Diego CA is available to you currently. Patients have travelled form overseas and driven from Mexico, Arizona and Utah to see our head clinic director, Dr. Cassidy Boelk DC. He has personally developed unique protocols that he has used on thousands and thousands of patients as well as himself.


At one point in his life, he could not even walk more than a few feet without falling over and was lying on his back for multiple days with severe back and sciatica pain form a disc herniation. Thru trusted and researched treatment, exercises and avoidance of certain movements, he was able to get back on his feet and even play hockey once again as well as surf, play golf and lift weights. 


If the proper treatment protocols are not in place, then the patient will not receive help and stay ion pain. Typically the condition will continue to worsen and the patient will eventually undergo medications, injections and many times surgery, which will possibly provide temporary relief but then the pain will return once again as the cause of the Eloise herniation was never properly addressed. 


Disc herniations are caused by spinal compression and the herniated portion of the disc pushes upon the spinal nerves thus causing the pain. This being the case, the compressed disc then needs to be addressed otherwise the pain will always return as the cause was not remedied at all. 


NSSD, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression addressed the compressed disc in exactly the way it needs to be addressed in that is takes th pressure off of the disc which then pulls the herniated portion of the disc off of the nerve thus alleviating the painful condition.


True spinal decompression is very different form physical therapy, traction and YouTube videos that yell you how to fix your won disc herniations. There is a reason why Johns Hopkins, Stanford University and Mayo Clinic to name a few have spent considerable time, energy and resources into the study of effectiveness of spinal decompression. 


Their studies found that this treatment this highly successful at treating disc related issues such a disc herniations. The significant =lay high success rates of spinal decompression but this treatment at eh best alternative to surgery and injections and never ending pain prescriptions. 


Take back control of your life today and call us to see if you can be helped as thousand of local San Deigns already have.    


Treatments are computerized and feel amazingly well, many patients will actually fall asleep during treatment. It is so relaxing and pleasant to be on the decompression tables. Please be sure you get True Spinal decompression and not traction, there is a huge difference!


We utilize only DRX 9000 True decompression machines in our office, we have 3 decompression machines in our office and we utilize 2 of these machines for the lower spine and 1 for the neck. Dr. Boelk is a decompression certified doctor who specialty is focusing on spinal decompression and he has performed over 25,000 treatments over the last 16 years. 


Dr. Boelk personally performs each treatment on every single patient he accepts into his program. Dr. Boelk utilized spinal decompression on himself for his multiple disc herniations as well as sciatica and he utilizes decompression now on a regular basis to keep his disc hydrated and in good condition so he cam stay active surfing, golfing working out and playing ice hockey still.


Hope this is helpful when trying to figure out who to call for help.


Call our office today at 619-298-0800 to learn more and see if you are a candidate for this highly successful treatment.


*Due to current demand, we are limited to the number of cases we can accept and cases are accepted on a first come basis regardless of referral from other doctors, neurologists, surgeons or patients. Thank you for understanding.

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