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If you are stressed about the back pain you are feeling and are looking for the best back pain relief in Kearny Mesa CA then you are in the correct place. We have been specializing in helping San Diego residents for over 15 years get fast and long lasting back relief without the use of drugs, injections, surgeries or multiple trips to the chiropractic office for adjustments that don't last or physical therapy appointments that don't help.

Most of all the patients we meet have not been properly diagnosed and that is utmost critical importance if we are to get the desired result of pain reduction that lasts. In addition, most patients with proper diagnosis have then not had proper treatment and there has been little to no education regarding ergonomics and how they move thru their day. Thus the original cause of their pain is not being addressed and therefore they will regress back into the same pain once again.

Also lacking is proper rehabilitation of their muscles which is crucial if we want to have long lasting pain relief. Because of our extensive and thorough examination and evaluation along with our history of helping thousands of patients and performing over 23,000 decompression sessions we have developed a highly effective and successful treatment protocol that works time and time again.

When you are ready give us a call and we can see if you are a candidate for our office.

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