Back Pain Tips In San Diego CA

New! Back Pain Tip Of The Week

Back Pain Tips In San Diego CA
Each week I will be posting a "Back Pain Tip Of The Week''. Things that I have used and still use personally that have made a huge difference in how I feel and helped me avoid pain and feel much better overall.
Today it is a very effective, not flashy or sexy but effective one.
Avoiding dic compression when sitting and standing.....
So when we bend forward into flexion, our  spinal discs get compressed and this compression over and over again even if it does not cause pain at the time, is called a "micro-trauma". Microtraumas add up to can a "Macro-trauma" = lots of pain, not good!
So here's the deal. When you are sitting down, stop sticking out your butt :) Instead keep your chest upright, stand tall and sit while your spine is in what we call "neutral". This way we will not compress the spine and we will be in less pain and happier.
When we rise from a seated position, scoot to the edge of the surface, use your leg muscles and stand straight up without leaning forward. Keep your spine in "neutral".
This will take some getting used to but it is very worthwhile, give it a tray and your back is gonna thank you for it!

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