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Back Pain When Doing Dishes or Making Food?


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Do you get back pain when doing dishes or making food? If you are not alone, many people have this problem. The reason you get the pain is because the lower back does not like to be bent forward and held in that position for very long at all. The spinal discs inside get compressed which then creates extra tension and this then causes the pain.
So, how do we solve this problem?
We raise our countertops up to our chest, nope, just kidding.
We want to keep our bodies in what we call a "Neutral" Position. This means that we do not want to be bent forward or backwards but rather stay upright straight. This puts the least amount of pressure on the spinal discs and therefore leads towards the least chance of low back pain.
So here is how we actually do that.
1. We are going to widen our feet so that we can comfortably still wash the dish or prep the food without leaning forward. Depending on how tall you are, you may have to widen out further the taller you are.
2. We keep our backs upright and straight rather than letting the pressure of leaning forward cumulate and compress the disc and ultimately cause the pain.
3. We do our best to discover any other activities that are causing us to bend forward and try this same technique. For example, whenever you sit down or rise from standing, try to keep from leaning forward and compressing your spine. (I will shoot another video on this as well).

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