Back Pain Relief Tips In Kearny Mesa CA

Who is typically pre-disposed to back pain? Why do we get back pain and how do we get fast back pain relief in Kearny Mesa CA? 

People that have had parents with back and spinal conditions are pre-disposed to getting back pain themselves. Also people who are either very inactive and sedentary or people who may be a little too active and don't recover or rest their bodies enough can have back pains. Powerlifters and obese people can get back pain easier than others due to the extra stress and strain placed on the spine on a consistent basis.

We get back pain due to a lot of the strains such as sitting for long periods of time. The average American sits for 9-12 hours per day. Sitting increases the pressure in your spine by 35%! This is significant and accounts for much of the back pain patients I see on a regular basis.

How do we relieve our back pain?

It depends on the source of the pain, however here are a few tips that may help.

1. Stand more. Research shows and stress studies reveal that when we stand more, there is less pressure exerted on the spine, therefore less pain as well.

2. Avoid bending at the waist whenever you sit or stand. Really work on keeping the torso upright so that you can avoid the compression of the discs when you stand.

3. Drink water. Yes I know but it does make a difference, half of your body weight in water. The discs in our spines need water to stay hydrated and not get compressed which leads towards pain.

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