Back Pain Decompression Therapy San Diego CA


Back Pain Decompression Therapy San Diego CA


Traction versus Spinal Decompression

What is the difference?
Isn’t Traction and Inversion Tables the same thing as Spinal Decompression?

Not at all. There are 3 computers on each Spinal Decompression Machine. One of the computers' sole job is to ensure that the muscles in the spine are relaxed. It accomplishes this with a positive feedback loop system. 13 Times a second, the system monitors the muscles to make sure they are not attempting to tighten up. If they do attempt to tighten, the computer recognizes this and adjusts the pressure and pull to lower until the muscles are once again relaxed and then it can increase the pull once again. This way we can always keep the disc in a negative pressure state which is not possible with inversion or traction machines. With true spinal decompression, we can get water, oxygen and nutrients into the disc itself while flushing out swelling and inflammation which is adding to the pain. With traction and inversion tables the spinal muscles are unable to fully relax and thus they stay somewhat activated which then prevents the discs from getting into a negative pressure and healing properly and getting rid of the pain as much as possible.


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