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testimonial spinal decompressionI’ve known about decompression for awhile from reading articles and talking to doctors. I stayed with my pain for 6-7 years and didn’t want to get surgery. I had a serious neck injury that stopped me from doing activities like golf and running, which are passions of mine.  I couldn’t do marathons or work out at all.  I had to resort to just walking.  Before decompression, I tried electrolysis, acupuncture, shots, different treatments and different doctors.  I finally came in to the office and talked with Dr. Boelk. 
I’ve been here for over two months on treatment and stuck with it, with Dr. Boelk and Dr. Contreras, and can truly say there has been a significant change.  I’m anxious to get out there now.  This office and staff is truly professional and so nice.

Anthony Galindo, Age 61, - Temecula CA


spinal decompression testimonialI saw the Center on T.V., called, and came on in. I’ve had back surgery and I was in pain from when screws where put in and from when the screws where put out of my back. I was so pleased and felt a release like no other once I did my first treatment. I thought I was going to have pain, but there was no pain at all. I’m normally skeptical coming into new places but I felt like and was treated like I was at home from everybody’s smile coming in. From the time I came here, I feel like a totally new person; no pain. I haven’t ran in 7-8 years and I finally got to run with my granddaughter. I would recommend anyone with back pain to come in and try. I was so glad I made the call.

Emily Norris, Age 58, - Alpine, Ca


I came in here with severe lower back pain.  I came in to see if Dr. Boelk can help me.  After the second and third treatment, the pain was gone.  The staff here is very friendly and nice.  The program really helped me for what I do at work. 

I was really impressed and it was a great experience all around.  I highly recommend it to anybody with back pain.

Paul Roberts, Age 46,  - San Diego, Ca

Hi my name is Keith Hughes.  I received a postcard in the mail regarding Non Surgical Spinal Decompression.  I was pretty hopeful of the treatment.  I had an MRI done and various Cortisone Epidural injections with little to no relief.

After speaking with Dr. Boelk, I was very confident of the treatment.  When Dr. Boelk saw my MRI he called the Radiologist who read the report and they both confirmed that I had a bone defect.  Even though I wasn’t a candidate for the treatment, I was very grateful for the thoroughness and time that was spent to help figure out what was wrong with me.

Keith Hughes, Age 71, - San Diego, CA


Hi my name is Jake Bowen.  I hurt my back really bad one day at work and couldn’t get up the next day.  My wife and I came in to see Dr. Boelk and found out I had most likely perforated back.  I went to get an MRI, which the girls helped to schedule, find my insurance coverage and it was taken care of.  I found out I had perforated and bulging discs.  After two months of treatment here, I felt like I was before.  I came in extremely scared and thought I wasn’t going to be able to walk again.  Now I feel perfectly fine.  Being able to sit again and going back to work was huge for me.  Dr. Boelk and his staff helped me out greatly.

Jake Bowen, Age 32,  - San Diego, CA


My extreme sciatica caused by a slipped, extruded L 5/S1 disc impinging on the S1 root nerve is 95% better now. As a part of my core building rehabilitation exercises, I'm now starting to do surf pop-ups on the floor and Dr. Boelk says I should be back in the H20 shortly.

All the testimonials I read before beginning these treatments turned out to be accurate. My skepticism was great, however, my pain was greater and it was your testimony that got me to commit to an MRI and treatment with Dr. Boelk. Turns out you were right to be so enthusiastic. I dodged the surgery bullet with these spinal decompression treatments. It's like a miracle and Dr. Boelk is an incredible doctor.

Looking back at my records now and considering how serious my condition was, I think I am recovering quickly. The treatments started with a focus on L 5 at 50 lbss for 1/2 hour durations and then increased slowly up to 110 LB for 40 min durations. I started to feel relief on my 18th treatment shortly after we re-focused onto L 4 (after about 5 weeks.) Now I'm at 102 lbs decompression @ 40 Min durations with about one more treatment to go. My final treatment will be #29 and will come with a re-test and possibly permission to surf again. My last treatment will put me at exactly two months. 

What can I say? It's like a new lease on life. Thank you Cliffy and Dr. Boelk!!

Ken Goldman, Age 58, Fine Artist/Surfer, - Point Loma, CA.

Hi, my name in Daniel Sakow and I am full time college student. I had a compressed disc in my back and had initially done a few things about it. I saw a chiropractor, did physical therapy and nothing seemed to help. So I decided to live with my back pain for over 10 years. I was in constant pain. I saw a commercial on TV for the Center and I thought I should give it a try, I was extremely skeptical initially.

I made an appointment for my consultation and came in with no expectations. I was just hoping for something. The staff here has been incredibly kind and professional. They truly care about their patients here. They are here for you to make you better. The treatments helped me greatly and put all my skepticisms aside. I was fortunate enough to receive this spinal decompression treatment which has helped me greatly. It was well worth my time. I greatly looked forward to coming in every day. I am now at the end of my treatment and my pain levels are now down to zero. Overall, this has been an amazing experience.

Thanks Dr. Boelk & Dr. Contreras!!

Daniel Sakow, Age 31, Computer Professional, North Park, CA

Hi my name is Ana Cody and I have had low back pain for several years.  At first the pain was manageable, but then I had an accident and the pain became too much to tolerate.  I received a postcard in the mail explaining this new treatment that would help with my pain. I made an appointment and the doctor showed me around his office and I had a chance to read other patients testimonials. 

Since I suffered from low back pain that would bring me to tears, I decided to start treatment.  I received help with finances and after a few weeks I felt much better.  Every week I got better and better.  I would recommend this office to anyone.  The treatment is wonderful and the staff is kind and every time I come in here I feel like part of a family.  The people here are very special!

Ana Cody, Age 58, School District, - San Diego, CA

Hi my name is Rosa Algravez.  I have suffered from leg numbness and low back pain for 4 years.  I haven’t been able to do groceries or even take baths without pain.  I looked for relief with various doctors with no luck.  I have done treatments ranging from chiropractic to acupuncture.  My husband found Dr. Boelk in the newspaper and we decided since we had tried everything else that we were going to give this a try.  After my first few treatments, I feel as though I have returned to 100%.  Life for me is completely different.  My husband and I have returned to enjoying life.  We travel 300+ miles everyday from Calexico.  I can do things now with little to no limitations.  The staff makes you feel welcomed and it’s a very family environment.  The payments are easy and I would recommend this to anyone suffering with low back pain.  Thank You!



Rosa Algravez, Age 58, - Calexico, CA

Hi my name is Mercedes Bautista.  I found out about this treatment on the internet and I came because I was searching for a doctor for my friend.  I have always had low back problems, so Dr. Boelk suggested that I have an MRI done.  I decided to go ahead and do it and what I found out was astonishing. Dr. Boelk told me I had a bulging disc and that my discs were dehydrated. 

I went home very surprised and even scared.  That night with my husband I cried.  My husband and I both talked about it and decided that the finances were worth getting my back fixed.  The next thing we had to figure out was how I was going to get here, because I live in El Centro.  So we decided we were going to rent a car and I travel here 4 times a week.  The girls here are wonderful and very awesome.  They make you feel like family, it’s an extremely relaxing environment.  I feel better and I have recommended this treatment to my family and friends.  Thank You!

Mercedes Bautista, Age 42, - El Centro, CA

There are not enough words or enough time to thank you for the help and pain relief you have given me, but I will try. Since 1992 I have had to suffer with some sort of back pain day in and day out. I went to a chiropractor; he did stop the pain for short periods of time, but never gave me a way to receive long term pain free relief. After years of treatment I gave up on him. I finally did myself in and pinched my sciatic nerve. 
Wow, talk about a wake up call, no feeling down my whole left leg. I was scared. I received massages and Acupuncture treatments, I still had extreme pain and cramping in my left rear end side, left thigh, and left calf. I met with Dr. Boelk and decided do start treatments with him. It was the best decision of my life, next to marring my wife!

I have been seeing Dr. Boelk & Dr. Contreras for about a month and a half. I have been following all his recommendations what an amazing difference.  I now have reduced pain and swelling I sleep comfortably, work painless, and play my sports pain free again. Thank you so, so, so much for your concern, professionalism, expertise, and friendliness that you show me. I could go on about many wonderful feelings I now have, but instead I will tell anyone and everyone with a listening ear and or pain of any sort about your wonderful care. Thank you again, so very much.

P.S. I can feel my toes again!        

Jayson Yavorsky, Age 34, Business Owner - La Mesa, CA


I had really bad back pain.  Before I came in I couldn’t walk.  My daily life was getting out of bed and straight to the couch, and off the couch to use the restroom.  I went to Mexicali to see a doctor who gave pills that did not work.  He suggested shots but I didn’t want to do that.  Thanks to God, my husband went on the internet and found about this treatment. At the beginning we were pretty skeptical.  After a few treatments I started feeling better.  “This treatment works.” I drove two hours everyday from El Centro to San Diego, and as soon I arrived at the doctor’s office, I felt at home; a clean place with great people.  They are excellent.  I couldn’t walk and now I can… Amazing and true.  Now after 24 treatments, I have my life back to normal and I’m even able to exercise 30-45 minutes everyday. I’m so happy!

Joanna Rodriguez, 29 -El Centro, CA


Hi my name is Doug, and I have been suffering from low back pain for many years. I was a medical technician for the Navy where I studied physical therapy. So I am very aware of my problem and have made many attempts to help myself. As I have gotten older and gained more weight my back problems have gradually gotten worse. I came across Dr. Boelk on the internet when I was doing some research. I decided there was no harm in giving them a call since what they were offering was a non-surgical alternative treatment. They sent me all the information I had requested online that described how the treatment would work. Then I came in and had my evaluation done, I got an MRI and began my treatment. Upon completing all 25 of my treatments I feel great. The program has helped my back for the better and the pain has now almost completely gone away. I had numbness that had been there for over 20 years, so it’s a major relief for me to now have that gone. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anybody. The doctors are great, and I think it would be well worth the time and energy for anyone to give this alternative a try. I can’t thank the doctors enough!

Doug Behling, Age 48, - Chula Vista, CA

Hi my name is Ruby Sinnott. About two years ago I received a concussion and have been having chronic neck pain and headaches. I came into this office referred by a good friend of mine. I was very skeptical about this treatment and my doctor disagreed with this treatment. Now I am so grateful that I listened to Dr. Boelk and Dr. Contreras.

When I came in and met Dr. Boelk for the first time, I felt very comfortable with him. We thought we couldn’t financially afford the treatment, but we decided my health was more important.  We received a great financial package that we were able to afford.  When you come into the office they make you feel right at home because they are very friendly.  I have been receiving treatment for about 4 weeks now and I feel great.  I will recommend this treatment to anyone I know in pain.  I want to thank Dr. Boelk and Dr. Contreras for everything.

Ruby Sinnott, Age 44, -  San Diego, CA

I have been having pain in my neck and shoulder for years, it has gotten severe in the past year or so. I didn’t sleep well, when I lay down it got worse, driving, reaching, almost any activity would aggravate the problem.

I’ve been to a rheumatologist, he gave me cortisone shots, didn’t work, physical therapy for almost a full year, no relief. Went to a “spinal specialist”, surgery was his only answer, oh yes he also gave me a shot of my personal favorite---cortisone.

I got a letter in the mail one day and I almost threw it away, thank God I didn’t. Of course it was from Dr. Boelk’s office. I’ve been a patient for a couple of months now, on Dr. Boelk’s Pain Relief Program. This has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!!! Both Dr. Boelk and Dr. Contreras are personable, kind, thorough, genuine in their caring and well informed. They are interested in the whole person, your health and welfare. I love the procedures they use. I’m doing sooo much better!!!! I think I’ve gained an inch in height! I just love this group, it’s an awesome place!!

Kathie Kellogg, Age 53, – Retired, Santee, CA

My husband, a patient of Dr. Boelk’s, recommended that I visit. I had been complaining of chronic back pain and struggling to get out of bed in the morning.  Attempting to stand for extended periods of time or helping anyone move things would put me in 2-3 days of severe pain wgich would lead to neck pain, headaches and sometimes migraines.  I’ve been to other chiropractors before, but had never been “prescribed” a treatment plan. 

My upper back and neck pain does not leave me incapitated like it used to and I’m able to sit straighter.  My posture has improved and honestly, my mood is better.  I didn’t realize how much the pain affected my mood.  Dr. Boelk and Dr. Contreras are incredibly personable and very dedicated to fostering a comfortable, welcoming and health conscious atmosphere.  The staff is very friendly and the treatments are manageable.

Nicole Ulm, Age 27, - San Diego, CA

Hi my name is Olivia Gilliam.  I suffered with severe back pain that would keep me awake at night.  I would take medication just to help me sleep at night.  Since starting treatment, I am able to sleep all night.  The treatment is painless and amazing.  I don’t know how it works; all I know is that it does Work! 

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone with low back pain.  The staff is very friendly and very supportive.  The time and money is completely worth it.



Olivia Gilliam, Age 60, Business Executive, La Jolla, CA


I feel Dr. Boelk’s treatments were the best help of all.  I had cortisone shots but it didn’t help with my extreme pain.  Surgery helped but not long.  Dr. Boelk’s whole crew was so nice wanting to help.  They made me feel real welcomed.  I can’t say enough about them.  I had the very best care.  Having an everyday life without pain is priceless.  I feel good and my attitude is so much better.




Charles Doane, Age 82, - San Diego, CA