Dr. Cassidy Boelk
Dr. Cassidy James Boelk | Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Cassidy BoelkDr. Cassidy James Boelk DC is the clinic director and founder of Chiropractic & Pain Relief Center of San Diego. He specializes in getting his patients out of pain and back to what they love to do as fast as possible. Regardless if that means back onto the field or  court, gym or living pain free and taking care of yourself and family. He specializes in helping people with both injuries as well as chronic low back and neck pain. Disc bulges, Disc Herniations, Slipped Discs, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Poor Posture and overall general spinal related pain as well. He utilizes revolutionary new procedures and equipment with DRX 9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Units, Rapid Release Myofascial Vibration Therapy, InTensityElectroMuscle Stimulation and Proven Methodology to correcting poor posture and spinal curvatures such as scoliosis.

 He is helping patients who have tried everything else and have been unable to get rid of their pain. Dr. Boelk knows there are very critical components to having successful outcomes with patients and that just having an office filled with advanced pieces of equipment and technology to utilize does not always lead to successful treatment. Expertise and experience along with a personalized approach to the individual patient treatment plan and continual re-evaluation of effectiveness are just some of the keys that he uses in order to get such a high success rate with his patients.

Dr. Boelk is continually updating his procedures and treatment plans as his research reveals the quickest and most-effective ways to get rid of patient’s pain and keep it away. He has personally recovered his own back from a low back fracture and also 2 disc bulges and shares with his patients techniques and knowledge that could only be possible from first hand experience of being in the exact same shoes most of his patients are in. Dr Boelk’s office is a pleasure to step foot in, most patients tell us the minute they walk in the door they know they are in the right place. Dr. Boelk has hand picked the best staff possible to support and assist each patient to have the best experience they can on each visit in a highly relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Dr. Boelk’s office has revolutionized the treatment of low back pain.He has been practicing for the last 15 years and his office has performed over 20,000 spinal decompression visits and has helped thousands of local as well as National and International patients become pain free and get back to living their desired lives. Patients have and continue to come visit him from all over;Wisconsin, Seattle, Nevada, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada and Spain are on the growing list of places patients have come to seek out Dr. Boelk’s treatment. They come to us when other treatments have failed to give them relief. Our practice utilizes the most advanced diagnostic technology available in order to accurately assess your condition &concerns. Contact us today to see if Dr. Boelk can accept your case and get you out of pain fast!

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